Yak Vernac 2020 June Update

Here is the new features rolled out in this update of the app

  • New notification system in-app
  • New user policy update
  • Community wall (create multimedia posts and search/scroll through the wall)
  • New Profile design + start conversations with other users through viewing other user profiles
  • Premium icon for subscribers
  • USER'S CAN NOW CREATE THEIR OWN LESSONS and send them to other people (great for group learning and teachers/student interactions)
  • Users can post lessons to the community wall + rate other users lessons on the community wall. (this means if you cannot find a Yak Vernac lesson then other users might of created a lesson to help you.
  • New design for Home screen, login screen and website.

This was a massive development (Like most of our ambitious developments hahaha), so thank you to the team and everyone that helped make this development a reality. We have soooo much to add to this app, it is exciting and sometimes a little overwhelming. However we love to provide for our users and are constantly adding value to the Service.