Can I use app without a subscription (Free version)?

Yes. The ‘Free’ version of the app is the default version on the Service. You can use the app without a subscription. However, if you want more access to the Service, we promote the paid subscription offers to access all the features of the Service. These subscriptions can be found on the mobile application by navigating from the home screen to the buy screen. This screen has paid subscription offers and additional offers.

Is the paid subscription offers a one time fee?

No, all subscription options have an expiry date that the user has to manually update. For example, there is a 1 month, 6 month and 12-month subscription offer that defines the duration of your subscription If you choose a 1 month subscription, then you will only have premium access to the app for 1 month before your account expires and returns to a standard account. There is no offer of a one-time fee subscription currently available to the public.